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Class photos

We used the iPads and computers to research facts about Antarctica.

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IMG 0021

We have really enjoyed learning a new dance with Emily. We will soon be ready to WOW everyone at the Dance Festival.

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Learn 2 Custom

This is our Learning Challenge Board. We have done lots of research at home linked to our very own question. We have had lots of fun making sculptures too!

I spent lots of time with my daddy learning about... What was the first transport in the air? A hot air balloon.

I made all my work look like a rocket! My question was... What was the first rocket made?

We had so much fun looking at the author Roald Dahl. We looked closely at the story of 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. 

We made some very funny chickens. 

We made our very own magic medicine bottles.

We even made some super stretchy Grannies.

In our harvest assembly we learnt a poem about  how we should live together in harmony alongside different types of people, who have different beliefs, cultures and traditions.  We created art pictures using only one colour.

As part of our work in our topic 'How do we get there?' We created our own space vehicles and looked at the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong.

I created a fact book all about Neil Armstrong.  Did you know? - He was the first man on the moon!

We are all working hard to 'Grow Our Minds'. 

We use the word YET when we find something tricky as we know we will be able to do it very soon - we just can't YET!