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During their first year in school children follow the Foundation Stage curriculum, which is based on the seven Early Learning Goals. These are:

• Communication and Language
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding of the World
• Expressive Arts and Design
• Physical Development

The National Curriculum

There are mandatory regulations governing the contents of the curriculum, which consists of
"core" and "foundation" subjects.

The core subjects are:

• Mathematics
• English
• Science
• Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The foundation subjects are:

• History
• Geography
• Design Technology
• Music
• Art and Design
• Physical Education (PE)

Provision must be made for:

• Religious Education
• Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE), which includes Sex and
Relationships and Drug Education

The DfE provides us with the content to be taught in each of these subjects, but leaves it to the school and its governing body to decide upon the most appropriate and effective way of delivering that body of knowledge to its pupils. Careful curriculum planning by the staff is essential to translate a 'National' curriculum into one that relates meaningfully to the children in our school.

Some areas are delivered within the context of a learning challenge topic or theme, e.g. What is a family? Why do we need a holiday? However, as and when appropriate, single subject teaching and learning may also occur. As appropriate to the task, children may work
individually, in a small group or as a class group. Children with a Statement of Special
Educational Needs (SEN) will, as far as possible, remain integrated with their peers and additional support will be provided within the classroom.

We strive to have performing artists in school throughout the year. These have included dancers, theatre groups, musicians, puppeteers, illustrators and poets.

Our lovely school grounds provide the children with excellent outdoor learning facilities, which are used to support all areas of the curriculum.


Our children are given planned opportunities to practise and develop a variety of skills they will need in order to participate in individual and team sports. We are fortunate to have a well- equipped hall and, during the summer months, are also able to use the grassed areas of the grounds for PE lessons.

During the school week, personal sporting achievements, such as swimming and gymnastic awards, are acknowledged and celebrated. We also include coaching for short tennis during the school year, which is approved by the Lawn Tennis Association.
In the summer term we have an informal afternoon of fun team games.

Extra-curricular Activities

After-school activities are available for KS1 children all year and for FS2 children from the Spring Term, after they have had a term settling into school.

Monday – Y2 Spanish Club
Monday – KS1 Football
Tuesday – KS1 Pilates and Yoga
Wednesday – KS1 Multi-skills (FS2 from Spring Term)
Thursday – KS1Dance Club

During the lunch break Year 2's can visit the school library. Mrs Fox (TA) has a lunchtime gardening club for our Year 1 pupils.

We also have a school Eco Committee and Healthy School Task Force, consisting of two pupils from each class who are elected by their peer group.

Religious Education and Collective Worship

The school has no formal affiliation to any religious denomination and children at Westfield Infant School are not instructed in any one religion. They are introduced to the customs and stories of different faiths and the school will celebrate a variety of traditions and customs at the appropriate time of year. The school will follow the Derbyshire Agreed Religious Education Syllabus, which is in line with the Education Reform Act of 2002.

Daily assemblies and classroom circle time sessions allow children to share and re-affirm our thankfulness for all that there is to celebrate in our lives, and to be made aware of our attitudes and responsibilities towards others. Under the 1988 Education Reform Act, parents/carers retain the right to withdraw their children from religious education and acts of collective worship. During this time, children will remain with their class teacher or teaching assistant. Please inform school should you wish to avail yourself of this right.

Sex Education

Since Autumn 2000, we have been required to include Sex Education as part of the curriculum under Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship. This is handled in a way appropriate to the very young age of our children. It is taught in the context of physical changes that accompany birth and growth, along with the caring and nurturing roles of parents/carers and siblings. Children learn that as they develop they also grow in independence and responsibility. Any questions that may arise will be answered as thoughtfully, factually and tactfully as any parent/carer would. Boys and girls will be answered in the same way. Parents/carers will be informed when this is being taught and have the right to withdraw their children from this part of the curriculum.