Curriculum Maps & Overviews

Our Learning at Westfield Infants

Our creative curriculum is cross-curricular and taught through topic sessions. We follow a Learning Challenge Curriculum, which encourages children’s questioning skills and promotes personalised learning.

Our school provides all children with a broad and balanced curriculum, which is appropriate to their age and ability. The curriculum is designed to develop children's knowledge and understanding, physical and motor skills and to promote their personal, spiritual, cultural and moral development.

There are some subjects that are best taught independently subjects such as R.E and Music, however links will made wherever possible. Children experience what it is like to think and act like a historian, scientist, engineer or a mathematician. In the classroom there is increased emphasis on independent learning through decision making, problem solving, investigation and exploration.

Children are actively:
• exploring, wondering and questioning
• experimenting and playing with possibilities
• researching and seeking information
• collecting data and reporting findings
• clarifying existing ideas
• deepening understanding through the application of a concept or rule
• making and testing theories
• making predictions and acting purposefully to see what happens and elaborating on solutions to problems.

Foundation Stage Learning:

In Foundation Stage the children work towards the Early Learning Goals through the Prime and Specific areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2012. Planning dove tails the different areas of learning into a Learning Challenge, crosscurricular
topic approach.

 Reception Maths Overview

Numeracy at KS1:

The teaching of mathematics at Westfield Infant School is underpinned by the National Curriculum 2014. Planning is based around the end of year expectations for each year group using the White Rose materials as a main scheme, alongside a wide range of other resources to ensure children achieve their full potential. Children exceeding their year group expectations will broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills through an extended curriculum appropriate to their age and ability. The Children's mathematical experiences are a balance of practical, oral, written and
mental mathematics through class teaching, group and individual activities.
Numeracy is taught across the curriculum, wherever relevant, to enhance understanding.

Year 1 Maths Overview

Year 2 Maths Overview

Literacy at KS1:

The teaching of literacy at Westfield Infant School is underpinned by the National Curriculum 2014. Literacy is planned based around the current topic studied and planning is based around the objectives identified in the year group expectations. Teachers use a wide range of resources using schemes such as Wordsmith and Scholastic which include a range of poems, stories, pictures, film and drama to ensure children achieve their full potential.

Guided and individual reading is structured to allow accurate assessment and targeted skill development. Daily phonics and spelling sessions are planned in line with the New Curriculum.

Children are taught to read using a variety of published schemes, the main one of which is Oxford Reading Tree. Guided reading books cover a range of genres, using both scheme and real books.

English long term planning kS1

KS1 topic learning challenges and literacy overview

Year 1 spelling punctuation and grammar overview

Year 2 spelling punctuation and grammar overview


Our curriculum reflects the school’s diversity within our classrooms and as well as the wider school community and beyond. Within and across year group classes we vary children working in mixed or similar ability groups, in pairs or alone.

Shared Learning

At the beginning of each year parents will be given information about the National expectations for each year group. Alongside this, each term, parents will be given information about the topic children will be learning about that half term and the key learning objectives covered.

FS Learning Challenge Overview

KS1 New Curriculum overview

Y1 Cycle A topic overview curriculum map

Y1 Cycle B topic overview curriculum map

Y2 Cycle A topic overview curriculum map

Y2 Cycle B topic overview curriculum map