School Governors

The governing body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Its responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • • setting targets for pupil achievement
  • • managing the school's finances
  • • making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • • appointing staff
  • • reviewing staff performance and pay.

Details about our Governors can be found below:

Chair of Governors: Mr Peter Broomhead

Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs Rebecca Handley-Ryan

Clerk to Governors: Mrs Caroline Howells

Governing Body for Westfield Infant School


Governor type

Start date

End date

Committee member of :

Relationship to staff/Other Governing Body/Business Interests

Mrs Rachel Risorto Headteacher 01/09/2016 N/A TLC, RMC & Finance None
Mr Peter Broomhead (Chair of Governors)



Relected 05/12/2016



Finance & RMC None
Mr Denzil Bertie Authority 18/06/2014 17/06/2018 TLC None
Mrs Rebecca Handley-Ryan (Vice Chair) Parent 04/02/2014 03/02/2018 TLC None
Mr Darren Hirst Co-opted 24/01/2013 23/01/2017 TLC None
Mrs Sarah Howitt Parent TBC TBC Finance None
Mrs Claire Johnson Associate Sept 2015 Sept 2017 TLC None
Mrs Emma Treves Parent 23/11/2015 23/11/2019 TLC & Finance None
Mr Mark Rowbottom Co-opted 23/11/2015 22/11/2019 TLC & RMC None
Mr Adrian Whitham Teacher – staff


Relected 05/12/2016



TLC None

Governors who are no longer serving

Mr Chris Briddon Co-opted 18/11/2013 31/08/2016 TLC, RMC & Finance None

TLC = Teaching and Learning Committee                              RMC = Resource Management Committee