School Policies and Forms

A selection of userful forms and policies can be found below. Paper copies are available free of charge, by request to the school office.


Leave of Absence Request Form

Home School Agreement

Parental Consent Medicines

Statements & Guidance

British Values

British Values - SMSC Guidance

Promoting Fundamental British Values

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/2018

PE and Sport Premium

SEND Information Report

Accessibility Plan

Children Missing Education

Revised Prevent Duty Guidance

Curriculum Policies

E-safety Policy

Marking Policy

Marking and Assessment Codes

Calculation Policy - Addition

Calculation Policy - Division

Calculation Policy - Fractions

Calculation Policy - Multiplication

Calculation Policy - Subtraction

Sex and Relationship Policy

English Policy

Maths Policy

Assessment Reporting and Recording Policy

SEN Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Homework Policy

Curriculum Policy

PSHE Policy

PE Policy

RE and Collective Worship Policy

Statutory Policies

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti-Cyberbullying Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (Sept 2018)

Acceptable Use of the Internet and Electronic Communication Policy

Admin of Medicines

Online Safety Policy

Complaints Procedure

Disability Equality Scheme 2018 - 2021 with action plan

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy

Data Protection Policy

Derbyshire Virtual School Pupil Premium Plus policy

Privacy Notice

Education of Looked After Children & Young People

Educational Visits Policy

Equality Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Managing Allegations - Procedure for managing allegations against school staff & volunteers

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

Physical Intervention Policy

Playground Behaviour Policy

Privacy Notice - Governors

Privacy Notice - School Workforce

School Privacy Impact Assessment Procedures

Social Media Policy

Attendance Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Intimate and Personal Care

Separated Parents Policy

Social Media Policy

Race Equality and Cultural Diversity Policy

What is Equality Diversity and Prejudice Bullying?


Health and Safety Policy

Health Safety Policy Statement

Health and Safety Policy - Formulation Of

Lettings Policy

Security Policy


Managing Allegations - Procedure for Managing Allegations Against School Staff and Volunteers

Disciplinary Procedure

Confidential Reporting Code

External Complaints about the actions of School Staff


Approval of Auditor for School Fund

Administration of School Voluntary Unofficial Funds

Financial Procedures and Regulations

School Roles and Responsibilities

Updated Financial Procedures and Regulation